20 Of The Best Floppy Diskettes By Review

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Floppy Diskettes

Floppy Diskettes
  1. OOEOO Dog Coat Pet Clothes Hoodie Warm Soft Sweater Fleece Puppy Plaided Apparel Jacket

  2. 3.5 Inch Diskettes, 25 Pack, 1.44 MB, IBM Formatted by Staples

  3. Sony 3.5 MFD-2HD Formatted Diskettes, 20 Pack

  4. Memorex MF2HD 3.5" IBM-Formatted High-Density Floppy Disks (Colors, 10-Pack) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  5. imation® 3.5" Diskettes, Neon, 40PK, 2HD, 1.44MB

  6. New Imation 1.44mb Floppy Disk Form Factor 3.50 Inch Mini Incomparable Quality Storage Capacity

  7. 50 Double Density DS/DD MF2-DD Floppy Disks. 3.5 inch Diskettes. Formatted @ 720K