The Best Safety Clips You Can Buy Right Now Of 2018

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Safety Clips

Safety Clips
  1. 3M DBI SALA Hard Hat Lanyard Coil Tether (Each)

  2. FallTech 7530 Steel, Trailing Beam Clamp Steel - Dual Ratcheting for Centering on I-beam, Machined Aluminum Bar, Steel Jaws w/Slider Pads, 4" to 14" (3 Pack)

  3. Guardian Fall Protection 01600 REBR-C Rebar Positioning Device 24-Inch Chain Assembly Swivel

  4. Guardian Fall Protection 00768 Ultra Sack Small Black Canvas Duffel Back Pack

  5. Guardian Protection 00510 18" 2 D-ring Ridge-It Wood Fall Arrest Anchor

  6. Honeywell PFL-4-Z7/9FT Miller Scorpion 9' Personal Fall Limiter with Twist Steel Carabiner and Swivel Shackle

  7. Miller MFL-2-Z7/6FT TurboLite 6-Foot Personal Fall Limiter with Steel Twist-Lock Carabiner, Red