Top 22 Best Test Indicators By Rating

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Test Indicators

Test Indicators
  1. Mitutoyo 543-558A Absolute LCD Digimatic Indicator ID-F, with Back-Lit LCD, #4-48 UNF Thread, 0.375" Stem Dia., 0-2"/0-50.8mm Range, +/-0.00012" Accuracy

  2. Brown & Sharpe TESA 74.106361 Carbide Ball Tip Measuring Insert for Interapid 312 Dial Test Indicators, 1.375" Length, 0.08" Stem Dia.

  3. Brown & Sharpe TESA 18.60302 Stylus with Ruby Ball Tip, for Brown & Sharpe Tesatast Lateral Dial Test Indicator, 12.53mm Length, 2mm Stem Dia.

  4. Brown & Sharpe TESA 74.105998 Carbide Ball Tip Measuring Insert for Interapid 312 Dial Test Indicators, 0.65" Length, 0.031" Stem Dia.

  5. Brown & Sharpe 599-7807 Fine Adjust Upright, 9.25" Length, 0.375" Stem Dia.

  6. Fowler 52-562-780 Black Face Dial Test Indicator, 0.030" Maximum Measuring Range, 0.0005" Graduation Interval, 1.5" Diameter

  7. Fowler 54-562-777 QuadraTest Electronic Test Indicator with 1/2" Contact Point Length, 0.080" Maximum Measuring Range, 0.00005" Resolution